LEANLAB Education pairs innovative solutions with the most pressing needs of K-12 schools. By listening to parents, teachers, students, and administrators in the Kansas City region, we are able to pinpoint specific problems that hinder students’ achievement and, informed by this data, we find education entrepreneurs with promising innovations and help them develop their product through direct, community feedback. In this way, we lean on the communities we serve, while working to create swift, efficient-lean-change. 

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Our mission is to launch transformational education innovations that have national impact.



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We are fearless, unafraid to push boundaries and chart new territory to transform outcomes for kids.


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Inequities in education persist. We work unapologetically to create just circumstances from which innovations are born.

Human-centered design

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We design with parents, teachers, students — the humans at the center of education. 


We partner with industry leaders in education and entrepreneurship to provide innovative programming for all aspiring education entrepreneurs: