Indigo Core Values

By Sueann Casey

The ethos of LEANLAB is centered around three core values: boldness, equity, and human-centered design. These are the values that guide our work and the values we prize when we seek education entrepreneurs for our K12 Fellowship. We asked the fellows from our sixth cohort to write about the core value that resonates most deeply with them.

Indigo Education Company works with students and educators to gain a deeper understanding of who they are through their unique personal attributes. Indigo’s broader vision is to catalyze change in the US education system by providing whole child data analytics, helping shift schools towards true student-responsive learning that empowers students to pursue fulfilling futures.

At Indigo, our core principles are: Know yourself, know your team, know your possibilities.

Know yourself — We are radical practitioners of being vulnerable and real. This starts with self-awareness. We are about knowing who you are, and striving to become the best version of yourself, while practicing empathy and appreciation of diversity and others (which leads to the second value).

Know your team — Cultivating the practice of empathy and deep connection with others is a core practice of Indigo. The Indigo Assessment and workshops are designed to be the first step in understating different types of people and learning to have empathy for their stories and perspectives.

Know your possibilities — If education was centered around providing opportunities for the next generation to truly pursue their individual best life, goals and happiness in a meaningful way we’d be evolving education faster realizing a more inclusive system that values the individual and engages students through student-responsive practices.

These principles are directly aligned with LeanLab’s core value of Human-Centered Design. We believe a truly human-centered approach to education will produce not only better outcomes for the students, but also create better cultures and attract world class staff to stay in education.

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Indigo is a sophisticated data platform that delivers real-time actionable insights to students, parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators.

Sueann Casey
Sueann spent almost 20 years splitting her time between teaching and mentoring teenagers and young adults and enriching customer relationships for corporations. At Indigo, she wants to help people discover what makes them feel alive — what they uniquely bring to this world — and then encourage them to step fully into that discovery.