LEANLAB EDUCATION is an organization that builds communities and launches transformational innovations into K12 schools.

We immerse our innovators into the communities they serve, surrounding them with the tools they need to create effective solutions to endemic problems in education. We believe the most transformational education innovations are born when they are developed in true partnership with those most impacted by education—parents, students, administrators, and teachers.


Visionary School Network

Breakthroughs in teaching and learning aren’t created in a vacuum; they need the expertise of real, school communities.


We envision a world where breakthrough education innovations allow for all children to have have access to effective learning opportunities.


The LEANLAB team is comprised of a small group of passionate individuals, dedicated to supporting education innovators.

Launching a company is challenging at best. Launching in the education sector is even more complex. We exist to help you succeed, so together we can create better education opportunities for all children.


LEANLAB accelerates the growth of transformational innovations that address achievement gaps and inequities that persist in public education by giving immersive and intensive support to early-stage founders. The K12 Fellowship is a startup accelerator program based in Kansas City, MO, designed to foster the growth of K12 education innovations.