Accelerating the best innovations.

We are focused on the dual pillars of impact and viability. We aspire to accelerate companies that have the potential to make a big impact for students in Kansas City and across the country.



In 2018, LEANLAB fellows partnered with Crossroads Preparatory Academy, Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy, Lone Jack School District, and Pitcher Elementary to serve 1,392 students at pilots sites this Fall. Those same entrepreneurs are currently serving 19,876 students in Kansas City and 327,751 students across the United States. To-date, LEANLAB alumni have served over 1.9 million students in the United States!

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LEANLAB is proud to serve a diverse group of entrepreneurs, helping to elevate the voice of founders that the traditional entrepreneurial ecosystem overlooks; and, importantly, championing innovators that are representative of the schools in Kansas City that they serve.



LEANLAB has trained over 450 entrepreneurs through workshops, hosted 5 cohorts of education entrepreneurs and launched 28 ventures through our K12 program. Our goal is to provide those closest to the problems in education, the tools necessary to take their idea and turn it into a research-backed, large-scale solution.