2018 Listening Tour

A qualitative analysis of the most pressing needs of Kansas City schools derived and distilled from conversations with students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Interview questions focused on the future of work and making sure students were prepared for a rapidly-changing world.


End-to-End Collaborative Education Innovation

Following the NSF, Institute of Education Sciences and DOE's Common Guidelines for Education Research and Development, we've developed a Design Based Research framework that will test the usability of early education innovations designed in collaboration with schools.


2017 Listening Tour

Distillation of conversations with community stakeholders about the problems felt most deeply by the education community. Trends in two broad categories were identified: coordination and communication. All of our stakeholders felt incredibly siloed, without a space to come together and share their thoughts and coordinate efforts. This was exacerbated by the communication breakdowns, especially between parent communities and schools. Hence, many community stakeholders were looking for avenues to advocate for themselves.


2021 Strategic Plan

The intention of this plan is to set forth the vision, mission, theory of action and goals over the next for years, so that by 2021, LEANLAB Education's
aspiration is being achieved.