Match Day 2019

The applicant pool for this year’s fellowship is the strongest we’ve ever seen. It’s been an arduous journey to narrow the initial list of 126 down to just 24. We’ve relied on the consultation of trusted educators and subject matter experts to arrive at our finalists and now we’re putting the power in the hands of the teachers at our pilot schools to make the final decision of which ventures will make it into the K12 Fellowship.

The teachers in our pilot network are the ones that make the final decision because they have the most at stake in this process. They will be directly piloting these innovations in their classrooms. We don’t take that responsibility lightly, because even though the ventures that have made it this far have gone through extensive vetting, these teachers are still taking a chance; a chance they hope will solve some of their most deeply felt problems. 

We’ve curated a list of some of the most innovative education companies around for our our pilot schools to choose from and we’d like to thank all the candidates who have been part of this process and shared their stories and their vision of the future with us. Match Day is the culmination of so much work from everyone who helped us in this process but it’s only the beginning. Today is when the real work of pushing towards a more equitable future for all children begins.


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